US Title Search Network Payment Policy

The preferred method of payment is credit card.  By making payments using a credit card, you will be assured uninterrupted service.  Once authorized, we will charge your monthly subscriptions fees against your credit card automatically on or about the 25th of each month.  Credit card payments will be sent a paid invoice either to the email address on the account or to the mailing address we have on file.  US Title Search Network Services, Inc. shall not be responsible for overdraft charges or other services charges that may be imposed by your bank.

If you still prefer to be invoiced and pay by check, we can provide this service also.  Invoices are generated at the beginning of each month for service the following month.  I.E. Invoices generated the 1st of January are for February services.  Invoices not paid by the due date on the invoice, might be subject to disconnection and reactivation charges.  The due date is the date payment must be received in our offices.  All accounts that have been inactive for more then 30 days will be considered cancelled.  US Title Search Network is not responsible for failure to receive invoices.  It is the responsibility of the subscriber to make payment on time.

Account Cancellation

Cancellation requests for accounts paid by credit card must be received before the 25th of the month.  If the request is not received before the specified date, a cancellation processing fee will be charged.  Credit card cancellations will be refunded by method of payment.

Cancellation requests for accounts paid by invoice only need to notify us by email at

No refunds will be issued for a month once that month begins.  All cancellation requests requiring a refund check will be processed a refund service charge.